Dave Jenkins of Pablo Cruise and Jaime Kyle

3rd & Lindsley

Nashville, TN   JUNE 4th   7:00pm

SHOWS  2022 

Jun 17th      Bluebird Cafe  Nashville, TN

July 29        Jaime Kyle opening for Pablo Cruise at Third and Lindsley   Nashville, TN 

Aug. 27th    Private Show  Richmond, VA  

Sept. 4th     Jaime Kyle opening for Pablo Cruise at Rancho Nicasio, CA

SHOWS  2021 

Nov.  16th    The Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, TN

Sept. 24th    Rancho Nicasio  Nicasio,CA  (With David Jenkins)

Sept. 19th  Rancho Nicasio  Nicasio,CA  (Opening for Pablo Cruise)

July 31st     Quarry Park. Rocklin, CA

Jun. 18th    Private Show  Nashville, TN

May 28th   Rhinestone Stage, Glen Campbell Museum  Nashville, TN


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